About Naam Yoga



Naam Yoga Therapies is a complete health system that combines the vast knowledge of Divine Spiritual Wisdom with the ancient practice of yoga to create one consistent self-healing practice that is like none other in the world.


It merges spirituality founded in the East with the esoteric sciences of the West to create a one-of-a-kind system for this age that opens the heart and uplifts humankind.

Through Naam Yoga the individual becomes more attuned to the subtle underlying forces that govern all things, and thereby one becomes better able to design the life one truly desires. Once you vibrate at a higher frequency, those situations, mental states, people and circumstances of a lower frequency cannot remain in your life. You only attract that which is vibrating at the same frequency. The fastest way to change the world, is to change yourself.

2025_614923178574315_1385425287_nNaam Yoga has the unique ability to create an overhaul of what is not working, and creates space in one’s life for vibrations of a much healthier nature. Naam Yoga shines the rays of divinity like a magnifying glass over life, enhancing everything from career to relationships to one’s spiritual evolution.

We invite you to join our growing global community and become immersed in the purity of these simple yet profound teachings, which bring together the most sacred forms of rhythm, breathwork, yoga, meditation, mantras, mudras, sound vibration and planetary wisdom.


1376434_566673886732578_708080182_nWhat does “Naam” mean?

Naam is a Sanskrit term that literally means “the word.” A consistent practice provides practical wisdom and tools that refine our thoughts and feelings so that every spoken word becomes a blessing. Through Naam Yoga we are taught the language of the heavens – the art of using our thoughts and words to serve, create and uplift others.


How Does Naam Yoga Work?

Naam Yoga is a practical system that provides tools to guide us out of automatic living and into a state of more conscious living. You become conscious of everything around you. You begin to see things for the first time. The veil becomes lifted. Suddenly your life has new meaning, and you realize the importance of your own responsibility in serving mankind. You start by uplifting yourself, and slowly with time, you begin to uplift those around you.


Brain & Nervous System

Naam Yoga activates the brain’s frontal lobe, creating new nuerological pathways of healthy vibrations in the part of our brain that governs emotions and memories of the past. Meditation, rhythmic music, breathwork and Harmonyum calm the nervous system in such a profound way that deep healing can effectively take place. By chanting repetitive healing mantra, the neurons in our brain that cause destructive patterns become disconnected, and those that enhance life become activated.





Glandular Health

By stimulating the thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands through specific breathing exercises and when the tongue strikes the mouth palate at precise points when chanting mantra, Naam Yoga is able to achieve healing effects on the body’s most crucial hormones for health – those that regulate metabolism, digestion, blood pressure, tissue function and overall stress levels. Naam Yoga meditations have precise affects on the pituituary gland and the pineal gland providing numerous benefits.





Favorable Energetic Patterns

Every component in Naam Yoga, from the structure of a mantra right down to the speed of the music, is designed to synchronize with the body’s internal forces of healing, eliminating dis-harmonious rhythms in the body, and re-shaping unhealthy patterns into habits of higher vibratory frequencies.

The result is a continual state of higher vibration where disease and matters of lower frequencies cannot be maintained.