Our Roots

Naam-in-MiamiWe would like to honor the first Naam Yoga Teachers in Florida.

Jodi Handrahan & Eugene Gant were among the first Naam Yoga Teachers to build a following in South Florida through a dedicated practice that started in 2008 after both received their Naam Yoga teacher certification in Joshua Tree, California. Soon after, the very first Naam Yoga studio to open in Florida, Naam Yoga Miami, was born.

Naam Yoga Miami opened its doors in August of 2011 in Miami Beach. Although the physical location closed in 2013, the teachings and wisdom they planted continue to grow today.

Like two strong pillars, we honor what Jodi and Eugene did for the growth of the organization, building Naam Yoga among our community. We also honor the many who were involved in the first Naam Yoga center in Miami, including the devoted board members and teachers, all of which are also a part of Naam Yoga South Florida. Thanks to everyone’s endurance, vitality and unending diligence, the foundation for a new system of yoga was formed and allowed to blossom in a brand new community. It was through all of these hard efforts, the unending work of charitable mama Jodi and all involved, that the beautiful seed was planted and is what sprouted into what is now Naam Yoga South Florida.

Today we are pleased to re-introduce the franchise to this beautiful community of like-minded individuals. Naam Yoga South Florida is a hub for Naam Yoga teachers, Naam Yoga classes and a series of workshops on Divine Spiritual Wisdom available to the community under the guidance of our Spiritual Teacher, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

Naam Yoga South Florida was opened for those who wish to learn greater spirituality in an authentic way, free of judgment or predisposition, and learn the fine art of healing one self using all the glorious tools given to us on our birth day. Through Naam Yoga South Florida one can feel safe that the teachings being imparted follow the protocols and guidance of a Master, and that the rituals and ceremonies are divinely inspired and intuited for the hightest good of all. Join us in welcoming Naam Yoga to the South Florida yoga community.

Naam Yoga classes can be found at on the top floor of the Croydon Hotel in Miami Beach (3720 Collins Avenue) as well as at select venues throughout South Florida. As we grow we will address specific populations in need throughout the South Florida region.

The force of Naam Yoga can also be felt through our international community via Skype sessions and practitioner trainings held worldwide.

For a list of upcoming Workshops and trainings in South Floria, click here.